Hot or Cold in Yellowstone


Early June was the perfect time to go to Yellowstone. The park was not crowded at all because we went during the middle of the week. Most kids were still in school and adults at work. The few tourist that were there were international, from Japan and France.


We got to experience it all. The first day started out cool and crisp, but ended up reaching to 80.  I changed from pants to shorts. The second day we woke up to snow. The temperatures dropped to the 40s, while we headed further up into the mountains.

SNOW in June

The light dusting of snow that we woke up to was beautiful and peaceful. Snow covered the mountains’ tops making them even more stunning. It is interesting how the human eye can tell the temperature of water by just simply looking at it. The water falls and rivers flowing through out the park yesterday appeared refreshing but now they seemed painfully cold. However, the steam from the geysers gave off heat that warmed us up like a hot tub at a ski resort.

Ice cold…

that is some fast moving water…

cold water… on a cold day.

rushing water…

Do you think this is hot or cold?

looks like snow…

winter wonderland?

wet and cold?

Nope it is scalding hot!

My Boyfriend the photographer…

snow top mountains.

more snow. 


Another good way to warm up was to stop into a gift shop. At Yellowstone there are plenty of them. Now for those that know me, you will know that I have very expensive taste. I am also very particular in what I buy. Normally, I find gift shops very tacky, but in Yellowstone it was the exact opposite. The shops had some very unique finds.

I also found some really cool jewelry.

more turquoise.

earrings made from Elk antlers…

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