The Storm is Coming!

Well the weathermen are predicting that hurricane Sandy will be aggressive and strong, with winds at speeds of 70 mph. Washington, DC is right along her path as she continues up North. But who really can trust the weatherman’s predictions, aren’t they always wrong?

So last night, I ran a quick 5K on the south side of the Mount Vernon Trail. I really wanted to get a run in before the storm came through. The trail was absolutely gorgeous when the sun was going down. The orange, red, and yellow fall leaves lit up the trail while they canopied over my head. There was a light breeze that felt gentle and refreshing. Could a storm really be coming?

Then I saw the birds… You can always find the truth with in nature. Animals have a special sense, a survival instinct that over time humans have lost. The birds know the storm is coming and they are preparing for it.



These are the birds I came across on my run. Aren’t they beautiful?

Questions for You

What is the weather like where you are?
What is your favorite running weather?


  1. Vicki October 28, 2012

    so many posts concerning the birds knowing something is coming. I guess it really is, this time.
    Where I live we are having a quiet cloudy day after a week or so of solid rain which we desperately needed.
    My favorite walking weather (not a runner) is calm and cloudy.

    • dorseyml October 28, 2012

      Calm and cloudy is so peaceful! The storm hasn’t started yet but I’ll keep you posted…