What does your race outfit look like?

So let me explain to you what makes up my race outfit. Most of the stuff in the photo, no longer is available, but I’ll tell you what it is anyway. 

1. Newton Shoes – As you may know since April I have been running in the Newton shoes. I started in the Distance U (the pink ones) and after the Annapolis 10 miler in August, I started to explore the idea of shoe rotation. So I purchased the Gravity and wear them along with the Distance u. I like both shoes, but how far I can run in them is still questionable. I have begun to wear the Gravity when running long runs, and the Distance U for shorter faster runs.

2. Lululemon – It is a rare day, if I am running in something other than Lululemon. The shorts above are Lululemon running shorts that are no longer available. They are amazing because the back is longer then the front and they are seamless which makes them anti chafing. The shirt is also Lululemon. This shirt is  made from a material that is anti stink and contains SPF. Sometimes, I just want to run in a simple comfortable t shirt, nothing fancy.

3. Garmin – My Garmin running watch is a five year old Forerunner 50. It has been with me through 2 full marathons and a million other races. I also like the Garmin Connect for tracking runs. In the past, I use to use Runner’s World running log, but since I have had my Garmin there is no point to log milage on there. The Garmin program has it all, and it is also very helpful for me to have the ability to look back on the previous years Marathon training. That way I can compare long runs and see progress. This watch also runs on a battery so you don’t have to worry about charging it. Unfortunately, I don’t think they make this watch anymore.  In the near future I will invest in a new Garmin, but for now I love and trust this watch!

4. iPod – This is the iPod shuffle. The smallest of all the iPods. Some runners get annoyed when people run with head phones, but for me running is the only time a day I get a chance to listen to music. Unfortunately, L just notified me that Apple is no longer making these. Is that true?

5. Sports Beans – Jelly Belly makes these amazing (almost magical)  Sports Beans. Ever since the one time I tried the Gu and almost barfed from the texture, I have been a Sports Bean user. These beans taste really good, and refuel your body with carbs, salt, electrolytes, so you can remain energized. Or in the case of low energy they pick you up and help you continue on. I love them and highly recommend them for any endurance athlete, just always remember to wash them down with water and not gatorade.  If you need more information on the Sports Beans then you can find it here, on the blog, All Seasons Cyclist. 

Questions For You…

  1. What is your favorite running accessory?
  2. What do you use to fuel up during a long run?
  3. What running brand of clothing is your favorite?

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  1. stephenedwards425 October 28, 2012

    Glad to see you in Newtons…my good friend Danny Abshire started the company and he has developed an awesome running shoe…be encouraged!

    • dorseyml October 28, 2012

      Wow! That is cool you are close to Danny Abshire. I read his book, Natural Runner, and everything he says just makes sense. I love his shoes too!

      • stephenedwards425 October 28, 2012

        Yeah Danny is an old ski bum (his words) that moved to Colorado back in the 80’s to hang out and ski. He worked in a ski shop on bindings and got freakishly, phenomenally good at fitting people to ski boots…during the summer he would run whatever races he could find (that’s where he and I met)…he began to transfer his ski boot fitting expertise to running shoes…the man is an original genius when it comes to shoe fittings…he can watch you walk five strides and by adding small pieces of folded paper, tape, or whatever is handy and within reach he can completely align your stride to where you fell amazing…I’ve seen him do it in airports, city streets, restaurants, hotels, in the middle of races (using empty gel packets)…a really tur awesome guy.

        Be encouraged!

        • dorseyml October 28, 2012

          Wow cool! I wish he would come to DC. I would love to meet him… Maybe at an Expo.

          • stephenedwards425 October 28, 2012

            Check out Ironman Competition…he can usually be found hanging around their booth at the Expos…be encouraged!

          • dorseyml October 28, 2012

            Oh maybe I will. Thanks for the tips!

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