SOME Turkey Trot

I don’t start enjoying a run until mile three. My body needs time to warm up. By the time I am warmed up, found my rhythm, and begin enjoying myself, my 5K race is over. And that is why I hate running 5Ks.

However, the Turkey Trot is by far one of my favorite races. Running a Turkey Trot is one of the few, if not the only, 5K I run a year. It feels so amazing, to wake up bright and early on Thanksgiving morning and start the holiday off with a race.

I have run a couple different Turkey Trots in the area, but SOME is the best one. The race is located in DC. The route use to be down near Hains Point, but this year the race started on Pennsylvania Ave. I liked this route better, but parking was hard to find. The race is $35, but the money goes to SOME – So Others May Eat.

Although, just a 5K, I still did my normal night before race ritual – laying out my race outfit. 

Ready to run SOME, on Thanksgiving morning. Then jumped in my car. Picked my sister up. Headed to the start.
The start was well organized with a view of the Capitol.
We lined up near the 8 min/mile pace group.
I wore my Newton, Gravity shoes, and my new barefoot running socks.
These are the socks that I wore the day of my race. They felt really good, and helped me avoid a blister I get regularly on my third toe when wearing the Newton Gravity shoe. I learned about this product from the blog, Barefoot Monologues. Read a more detailed review on this product here.
My sister and I at the race. The race was easy, short, flat, fast. A typical 5K. A typical Turkey Trot. I ended up with a PR of 24:33. Thats a 7:55 min/mile. The best part was that Panera Bread handed out bagels at the finish line.
If you are ever in the DC area on Thanksgiving day, I highly recommend this race.
Questions for You
  1. Did you run a Turkey Trot?
  2. What is your favorite type of run? 5K, 10K, 15K, 10 miler, 13.1, 26.2

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  1. runninginnj November 24, 2012

    Have you run in other barefoot shoes? I looked,at the Newtons but as they were pretty expensive I decided to stick with the other minimal shoes I have (New Balance and Merrell being my favourites). Interested to know if you’re able to compare as I don’t know anyone who has run in them.

  2. dorseyml November 24, 2012

    I have not run in any other brand of minimalist shoes/natural running shoes. I just started to experiment with running in a natural running shoe 6 months ago. However, after having 2 pairs of Newton shoes, I will agree with you, they are really expensive. Just lately, I have been pondering on trying another type of natural running shoe, (not because I don’t like the Newton) but because it is good for your legs to switch up your shoes. I don’t want my body to get accustomed to one shoe. I also like having a shoe rotation. So you are saying the New Balance and Merrell are good… Maybe I’ll give them a try. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Trisha Reeves November 24, 2012

    Thanks for the mention! Great race time, lady. I’m jealous! I feel you in the warmup thing. What is it about the first three miles?? This is why I ran a 10k Turkey Trot this year. PR’ed, too. But nowhere near 7:55m/m. LOL

    • dorseyml November 24, 2012

      Awesome! Glad you had a PR in your 10K Turkey Trot!

  4. Martha Merrill Wills November 24, 2012

    That picture with your sister is cute!

    I am like you … don’t love 5k. 13.1 is where it’s at, I think, but I really do want to run another marathon!

    • dorseyml November 24, 2012

      I totally agree about the 13.1 and marathon. 🙂