12 mile training run

I just got home from my 12 mile training run. It was 40 degrees out, with a lot of wind so I prepared myself, and dressed in my winter running gear.

My pants and coat are from Lululemon. My hat is from anthropologie.  My scarf is from lucy. I did not wear my Newton Gravity shoes, instead I wore my Brooks Glycerin. This is the first time since April that I wore anything but my Newtons.

Lately, I have been curious about how I would do in my old shoes. I actually forgot what they felt like. I just wanted to have a little more cushioning on my feet. I wanted to get lost in the run and take a break from always focussing on form. However, I don’t think my form suffered, and after I removed my scarf at the end of mile 1, I felt perfect on the trail – not too hot, not too cold.

Don’t be afraid to switch up your shoes. It is actually really good for your body. Just how your body can get accustomed to a certain work out- and you stop seeing results. Your body can become accustomed to your shoe, if you always wear the same one. Plus different runs might need a little bit of a different shoe, so switch it up and work different muscles. My legs have changed shape since wearing the Newton shoes, and having a shoe rotation.

12 miles

Anyway, this 12 mile run was awesome! I ran this 12 miler on the south side of the MVT, because I don’t have to stop for street lights. It has some slight rolling hills, and some beautiful views of the Potomac. My legs did get a little tired at some points, but I reminded myself to take short strides and land on my forefoot/mid-foot.


SUMMERY from my Garmin

Distance: 12.01 miles

Time: 1:41:06

Average Pace: 8:24 min/mile

Best Pace: 7:46 min/mile

Calories: 977 C

Cadence: 96 – which can’t be accurate.

This was a pretty good long run for me, super fast. I drank water every 2 miles. I ate a Honey Stinger waffle right before the run and refueled with Honey Stingers at mile 6 and then again at mile 9.

I am starting to get excited for my race next Saturday. This coming up week consist of shorter runs, and lots of rest. The taper begins.

What is your favorite winter running gear?

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  1. therunningteacher November 25, 2012

    Great job on your 12 miler! 😀 And extra kudos for the Brooks Glycerin! 😀

    • dorseyml November 25, 2012

      Thanks! 😀

  2. Brittany November 25, 2012

    Awesome job!! I tend to still run in a short sleeve shirt even when it’s 40 degrees out. I love your outfit though, I should really get some warmer running gear!

    • dorseyml November 25, 2012

      Yeah, I normally overheat, so I am always nervous to layer up too much. But the wicking materials in Lululemon products help regulate body temperature, always keeping you comfortable.

  3. Kasey November 25, 2012

    I need you to coach me for my half marathon in the spring. You are so much more technical, LOVE it.

    • dorseyml November 25, 2012

      Aww… that is sweet. Thank You!

  4. happytrigirl November 25, 2012

    Great pace Meghan!! What race pace or time goal are you shooting for next Saturday? And — I’ve got to say, I love stylish runner (ah hem … YOU)!! Love the Lululemon!! I wear Brooks running shoes and gear. They have the best running clothes with ingenious pockets. My new favorite running jacket is the Women’s Nightlife LSD Lite Jacket III. I want to wear it every time I run! 🙂

  5. dorseyml November 25, 2012

    The course I am running has steep rolling hills the whole way. So I am hoping to get under 2 hours. The plan is to run the up hills a little under a 9 minute mile and then to run the down hills a little over an 8 min mile. That is the plan but you never know how you will feel on race day. My twelve mile training run went pretty well. If I can repeat that…then I’m golden.

  6. Lauren November 25, 2012

    `12 miles is so impressive! I can barely do 5 and that is on the treadmill (actually I am just getting back to the c25k, so its run/walking) very inspiring!

    • dorseyml November 26, 2012

      p.s. glad you found the post inspiring!

  7. Lauren November 25, 2012

    PS: what is this “winter” thing you are referring? Currently it is 70 degrees where I am located, I am very nervous for May-September of this year. 😮

    • dorseyml November 26, 2012

      Lauren… where are you located? It has been around 40 degrees here in Washington, DC… but feels like mid 30s because of wind. It is suppose to snow tomorrow.

  8. thedancingrunner November 30, 2012

    Get it girl!! Love those lulu tights!