Annapolis 13.1 (the night before)


For those of you who have been following my blog, you may already know my night before a race ritual. But for those who don’t know, I won’t leave you in the dark.

The night before every race I always prepare by laying out the clothes I will run the race in. Because I am not a morning person, this helps me stay organized in the dark early hours before the race.

Now for the ridiculous part… I then take a photo of my race outfit and upload the photo to facebook and Instagram. For my friends who are not runners, they may think this is crazy, braggy, or annoying. But I do this, because it gets me pumped up for my race, and it allows my friends and family who are runners to show their support.

So here it is – my night before race ritual photo of my race outfit. I will be wearing Lululemon, Newton’s Gravity Shoes, my iPod, my garmin. I have my bib pinned to my shirt. I have my fuel- sports beans and honey stinger waffle. Last but not least my Run like a Girl hoodie.

The race starts at 7:00 am, and it will be a cool 43 degrees tomorrow.

So bring it Annapolis. I’m ready to tackle 13.1 miles if hills!

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  1. supergenericgirl December 1, 2012

    Good luck!

  2. runoffwriter December 3, 2012

    So much to say…. A) Hope the race went well! B) Love the pic post on FB idea C) I lay out my clothes the night before, too, and I AM a morning person (and a night owl- I don’t sleep) D) I’m really digging your blog title, concept, and LOVE the race bib banner pic. Kudos!

    • runoffwriter December 3, 2012

      Knew I’d miss something: thanks so much for the follow! All the best…

      • dorseyml December 3, 2012

        Of corse! Thank you, for the follow back…

    • dorseyml December 3, 2012

      Thank you for the comments! The race went really well! I am excited to write a post about it… just waiting for the professional race photos to get posted.