The truth about… Abs.

Update on Livefit…

Today, Friday, 2/8/13 was Phase 1, week 3, day 15 of Livefit. Finally, the first two weeks are over. The reason I am saying, finally is because in the first two weeks there are three full rest days. Although, my body was pretty sore, I don’t like resting for three straight days – I mean come on I am use to working out 5-6 days a week.  All of these rest days, made me a little worried, but I just kept telling myself, that the trainer is going to get much more intense.

To start off week 3 of the Livefit trainer.  Jamie Eason opens up with an amazing video in which she explains everything about abs.

“Abs are made in the Kitchen.”


Jamie Eason explains that abs are made in the kitchen. She says that you can do all the sit ups in the world, but with out clean eating which helps eliminate your body fat, you will never see them.

Some people have flat shallow abs, while others have really defined abs. Some people have a very defined waste, while others may be straight up and down. If you are more straight up and down, twisting exercises are ones to avoid, because they may enhance that. So when it comes to abs focus on diet and engaging core muscles while performing other exercises. Also remember your abs are the same as any other muscle group, so why treat them different? Give them a day or two of weekly training, just as you would your other muscle.

Jamie promises once you lean out in Phase 3, your abs will be revealed. It is then that you can do some ab work. She even suggests possibly doing some weighted exercises to create some density.

Although, the video was about abs, today’s work out was focused on legs. This week J and I, completed 3 sets of 10 reps of each exercise with a 1 minute rest in between each set.

As for me, I am still struggling with getting enough calories, and eating on regular intervals. This weekend I am going to spend the time preparing my meals for the week. I also need to continue to drink more water. I never thought eating enough and drinking an adequate amount of water would be such a challenge.

So again, do not forget… Abs are made in the Kitchen….


but… this looks like fun… 

Questions for You…

  1. What is your favorite ab exercise?
  2. What is your favorite muscle group to train?

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  1. Man Bicep February 9, 2013

    It’s true! Abs are made in the kitchen! You can do a ton of exercises for a strong core and have six-pack abs…But they may not be showing if you eat crap food and have a ton of fat over those strong defined abs!

    I always think…Lifting gets you muscle while diet helps you show that muscle off to the world!

    And leg workouts are great for fat burn because you are working such a large muscle group which means more potential to get rid of the fat on your tummy!

    Good luck with your workouts!

    • dorseyml February 9, 2013

      “Lifting gets you muscle while diet helps you show that muscle off to the world.” That is nicely said, couldn’t have said it better myself. 🙂

      And when it comes to legs, my lower body is my favorite muscle group to work out. I am a runner, who runs everyday outside. So eliminating running for four months just to focus on building strength is totally new and different for me. I am really liking it though.

      When it comes to diet, I eat clean organic foods because it is healthier and taste better.

      Thanks for the comment and reading. Your blog is awesome by the way. I came across it when searching for Ab info.

  2. Runoffwriter February 9, 2013

    Holy… that chick’s hard core!!!

    My fave target area- arms. Most defined muscles I’ve got and O always feel strong when doing push ups, presses, etc.

    • dorseyml February 9, 2013

      My favorite muscle group to train is lower body. But the fitness model, Jamie Eason, the one who created the livefit trainer is known for her arms and shoulders. Because I am following her plan, we target the upper body several times a week. I am actually really liking the work outs and have seen some muscle growth, even tho I am only on week 3. I never thought I would see some change this soon.

      • Runoffwriter February 9, 2013

        Awesome!!! There’s something about sporting a fab bicep that makes you feel pretty fabulous.:)

        • dorseyml February 9, 2013

          totally true!

          • Runoffwriter February 9, 2013

            And fabulous (clearly my favorite word today)!

  3. Brittany February 9, 2013

    I loveeee when people emphasize that abs are made in the kitchen! Shit..all muscles are made in the kitchen!! What you eat is HUGEEE!! I need to work my abs more, but I have the kitchen part down!! I do a lot of cardio..not so much weights..I NEED to do some strength.

    • dorseyml February 9, 2013

      It is good that you have the kitchen part down. I struggle with the kitchen part because I am bad at planning. I normally eat clean organic foods, but the livefit trainer wants you to eat those clean organic foods as 5-6 small meals. I never thought I would struggle with not eating enough, but I find that I do. So this week I am going to really plan everything, and not leave the house with empty hands.

      I am a runner. This is the first time I have been in the gym lifting in a year or two. I actually really like it and think the strength training will help improve my running stride. We shall see….