When do you workout? Morning or Night?

Livefit update…

Today, I completed Day 36 of the Livefit trainer. J and I hit the gym in the morning and today we focused mainly on back, although, we squeezed in some leg exercises too. I also got a little bit of cardio in.

Through this new fitness challenge, the Livefit trainer, I am not only seeing a difference in my fitness level, but I am learning a lot about myself.

Do you workout in the morning or at night?

I have definitely realized that by doing the Livefit trainer, I have my best workout sessions, early in the morning before work. It just feels really good waking up early, getting a great work out/run in, and then have my whole day ahead of me free to do whatever…

I find if I don’t get my morning work out/run in, I end up worrying about it the whole day, desperately wondering when I am going to fit it in. I also feel that if I don’t get a chance to lift and then find time to hit the weights at night, I end up being too tired to lift at my fullest potential. However, I can run or do bikram either in the am or pm.

Running or doing birkam in the morning, before work gives me energy for the rest of the day… it must be all of those endorphins, creating my runner’s high. When I run or do bikram at night, I feel like I relieve the stresses from the day. I find myself winding down, feeling relaxed, but refreshed.

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But when I have the choice to choose morning running/bikram or night, I will always choose morning.


Getting my workouts in, in the morning also gives me the opportunity to do a double if I want to. Sometimes after work, at night, I feel  like it is necessary to blow off some stress, and although, I already worked out, another sweat session is in order.

Well whether, you run…

do yoga…

lift weights…

whether you are an early bird…

or a night owl…


Questions for YOU?

  1. Do you workout in the morning or at night?
  2. Do you prefer running in the am or pm?

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  1. supergenericgirl March 7, 2013

    I always work out in the evening but I dream of one day becoming a morning runner… Getting up is hard, though!

    • dorseyml March 7, 2013

      Yes! It has taken me a good year to really transition into a morning runner. Because most races have morning start times. I feel more prepared race day, when I practice running during the morning! How was your first marathon? I’m going to head to your blog and read your marathon post!!

  2. CommDao March 7, 2013

    night and no running for me! haha

  3. Sara March 7, 2013

    I like to mix it up! Sometimes I wake up feeling like I’m ready to take on the world and I usually leave for work early to hit the track. Other times I stick to after work – I feel that is the best time for me for outdoor runs.

    • dorseyml March 7, 2013

      Mixing it up sounds like a good idea. Sometimes it is best to listen to your body, and work out when your body is telling you to. Plus busy schedules sometimes determine when you can simply squeeze a workout in.

  4. Brittany March 7, 2013

    When I was working early mornings I worked out in the afternoon. Now I workout anytime of day because I’m not working. I prefer running in the afternoon so I have time to fuel, but most races are morning so I do some of the early runs too!

    • dorseyml March 7, 2013

      I totally agree with you when it comes to schedules. Sometimes because of schedules you have to run when you can. But because races are in the morning, I try to run in the morning, just so I am prepared. It has taken me about a year to transition to a morning runner.