Marathon Training Update: Taper week: 12-13 miler


Fall has arrived!

Hopefully it is here to stay…

Marathon Update

This last week was a taper week for me. So my long run this week was between 12-13 miles. As you know, from my previous post, because of the 90 degree weather, earlier in the week, I decided to lift weights instead of run! Boy was I glad I made that decision. With a fresh pair of shoes and the rest from running, I felt strong and bouncy on my feet! I ended up having a very well paced 12.68 miles and finished right under 2 hours.

The only thing that has disappointed me is that this weekend would have been perfect to run a half marathon. The Navy 13.1 was this weekend, but I missed it. It doesn’t look like I will be racing at all before this Marathon.

Over all this was a great weekend to run and I had a very successful long run. All this training is paying off because I can confidently say, 12-13 miles now feels easy. During every marathon training season, when I can say, “12- 13 miles now feels easy,” it is then that I surely know my training is right on track.

The sun was shining. The air was crisp. The views were spectacular. There were plenty of other runners on the trail to keep me company. It was the ideal running conditions and a great long run. Hopefully my 20 miler next week will be just as good!

How are your long runs been?When do you start to feel confident about your training?


  1. Robert September 16, 2013

    This morning was the first time I’d really seen enough people on my run route to interact. I do have to say, it was quite nice saying “good morning” to everyone as I met or passed them. Even more fun was the game in trying to predict if they were going to answer back or not, ha!

    Glad you had an awesome run, and the weather sounds fantastic. So ready for the cooler weather to finally show up here. The weathermen keep predicting cool downs, but it’s been nearly hot as ever–97* with high humidity here today.

    • dorseyml September 16, 2013

      Wow! 97 high humidity I’ll wish for fall to come your way. Yeah it’s fun to interact with other runners on the trail. I try to always smile! Plus there are a lot more runners out because fall is a popular time of year to race. Everyone seems to be training for something. 🙂