The best RUNNING Quiz ever!!

The other day… I was reading blogs.

I came across one of my favorites thedancingrunner.  Chelsea, owner of the blog Рthedancingrunner, posted a running quiz.


Because the quiz made me laugh, and was really fun to take, I decided to share it with you. Aren’t you curious how much does running rule your life?

Take the quiz here… and find out…

My score was a 40/50…

let me know what your score is. 

Oh… and I have been squatting everyday of the month of September. This is Day 4 of Sweat a Day!


Comment below with your quiz scores… and tell me which part of the quiz was your favorite. Also who’s squatting this month? What’s your favorite squat?

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  1. thedancingrunner September 8, 2014

    Love the squats! Definitely one of my favorite strength exercises. Keep it tight!

    • dorseyml September 8, 2014

      Thanks! I’m squatting everyday in september!!

      • thedancingrunner September 8, 2014

        Doing squats in the office now! haha thanks for the motivation!

        • dorseyml September 8, 2014

          haha!! awesome.

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