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Sorry I have been so busy I haven’t had much time to write blog posts. However, I am always in search for inspiration. So this one is just a little cute something for all my yoga followers. I can’t remember where I found this, but I hope you can relate to it, and have a laugh.

P.S. I will be posting some longer more quality posts in the next couple days. So keep your eye open, for some book reviews and my half marathon recap.

Motivation Monday- Lolo

If this doesn’t inspire you… then I don’t know what will.

Last year, her story made headlines…

Meet Lauren Scruggs. Her friends and family call her Lolo.¬†She is a model and fashion blogger.¬†She is a daughter and a twin sister. ¬† One night, last year, accompanied by her mother, she went on a short small plane ride to see holiday lights, light up Dallas, from a bird’s eye view. When exiting the plane she walked into the night, and accidently hit the plane’s spinning propeller. She lost her left eye and her left hand, but God spared her life.

Doctor’s told her loosing a hand is like loosing a family member because it has always been with you. But now look what she is doing…


Look at this strong woman! She isn’t just recovering from an accident that could have easily taken her life, but she is living, thriving, and doing push ups. She is thankful everyday, and adapting to her new body. So next time when you are exercising and feel like giving up… think of Lolo. ¬†Why? Because she is doing it beautifully and one handed.

armsBoth this one, and the above photo were found in People magazine. I am totally amazed by today’s technology. Lauren not only has a¬†prosthetic eye, but she has multiple¬†prosthetic arms. She chooses which one to wear depending on what activity she is doing. Because Lolo is so athletic, she has one for swimming, and another for other physical activities. She also has one for everyday use. This one looks almost as natural as a regular real human arm.¬†


To learn more about Lauren Scruggs read her book Still Lolo or check out her blog Lolo Magazine. Guess what? She also has a wordpress blog, follow her at LOLO.

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Speed Work Drill

I wanted to share with you another recap on a speed work drill I did last Thursday. Again this was run on the treadmill in my Newton, Distance U shoes.

picture found on tumblr

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

11: 40 PM


SUMMERY from my Garmin

Distance: 3.10 miles

Time: 25:19

Average Pace: 8:09 min/m

Best Pace: 7:14

Calories: 253 C

Run Cadence: 97

I felt really good about this treadmill drill. However, because I am only doing daily 5K runs, my weekly mileage is drastically lower.

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Warning: This post is Bratty!

Because of Sandy, I have become enlightened. There are things about myself I never knew. The first thing is that along with everyone else, ever since Sandy rolled on through, my schedule is royally effed. And now I am beginning to realize how much I love a regular routine.

Because I am a hairstylist, my income relies on my daily appointments with my clients. Because of Sandy, clients are coming late, canceling and rescheduling. I am trying to be understanding and accepting. I mean, I get it, stuff happens out of our control, that’s life!

Because of Sandy, I also have No Power. Having no power really got me thinking. What did they do back in the old days? I began to feel grateful to live in a country that has power available at all times. Can I survive with out power? Can I act like a minimalist, and rough it out for a day or two?

Well yes I can. I have tons of magazines to read, mostly health and fitness themed. I have tons of books to read. I am an artist who would love to use this time to get my fingers smudged with charcoal. I also knit and have a fabulous yarn stash, for those who are interested, you may follow me on my knitting/art blog, Cashmeresilk.

Other than my schedule changes at work, the only other negative aspect Sandy brought on was the change in my work out routine. As you all know, I am a serious runner. And running daily outside is a necessity for me. It is good for my health- physically, emotionally, and menally. But the storm was too dangerous, so I took a rest day yesterday and then again today. And now I am rested, actually overly rested.

I can’t believe I feel so anxious right now. Yesterday, Sandy came through, and the whole East Coast shut down. I am hoping everyone is safe and sound, but can life get back to normal now?!

I’m so well rested I feel like I could climb a mountain!


Questions for You

How was your schedule interrupted from Sandy?
Did you run or bike during Sandy?

Daily Work Out

Today, Friday, October 25th, 2012, I ran a 5 mile loop on the Mount Vernon Trail. Because it is my day off, I didn’t feel obligated to wake up early and rush out the door to get a run in. So I headed out around 11:45.

The trail was gorgeous. Fall is finally here, and it seems like all the leaves have changed overnight. We are also expecting a hurricane to come through so the skies have been overcast and the air has been breezy- perfect running weather, in my opinion.

My run felt really good, averaging an easy 8.30 to 9 minute mile in my Newtons. I also am just beginning to get use to my new iPhone 5. But I brought it along with me, and was able to take some really cool photos.




Sharing is Caring.


Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try boxing yesterday. L, bailed on me last minute, because of a family emergency. I know that sounds like a big fat excuse, and yes I could have gone with out her, however, the experience wouldn’t have been the same. She is the one that has been nagging me to try it, so I will wait until we can find time to go together.

So instead of boxing, I went running. And running never disappoints me. The weather was cool, crisp, and sunny – a beautiful fall day. ¬†I parked my car five minutes away, in my old neighborhood, the hood I grew up in. I ran from my mom’s house to the airport and back, an easy 4 mile loop.

The only thing about my run that was a little bit annoying was the Susan G. Komen 3 day Breast Cancer Walk.

Let me start out with… I¬†totally support the Susan G. Komen 3 day Breast Cancer Walk.¬†It is a great way to raise money for a good cause. It is great to get a group together that are all passionate about the same thing, and support each other’s stories and experiences. But… please share the trail.

My run ended up being a little bit difficult because there were about 100 plus ¬†people dressed up in pink and tutu’s for the Susan G. Komen 3 day Breast Cancer Walk, walking slowly, chatting up a storm, taking up both sides of the trail. At one point I was running by the side of the trail in the grass, just to get around them. The other time I had to pass 20 people on the far left side. I bet the cyclists were even more pissed, most of them clipped into their bikes. I feel bad complaining about this, but I just think it was a safety hazard, and thank goodness there were no accidents.

Next time the Susan G. Komen 3 day Breast Cancer Walk, walks on the trail, someone needs to inform them of the rules and  how to be safe on the trail. If I was in charge, I would simply say no one is allowed to walk left of the yellow line. And everyone is required to walk in a single file line as far right as they can, leaving space for runners and cyclists. Because let me tell ya, the cyclists on the trail, go super fast.  The commuters have meetings to get to. And the road bikes all think they are Lance Armstrong. Trust me, I know, because if I am not running, I am on my road bike.

So there you have it, I want to end this post with a big shout out!

Good Luck to everyone participating in the Susan G. Komen 3 day Breast Cancer Walk!

found on photo on site.

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I think I need a Punching Bag.

Lately, L has been trying to convince me to come along with her to one of her boxing classes.  Although, we both run daily, and practice Bikram yoga, I have been longing for some sort of strength training. Strength training is very important especially for runners. It help enhance correct running form. It helps make one faster. But most importantly it helps prevent injury. A stronger, faster, injury free runner is always my ultimate goal.

Guess who also does Boxing?








The Victoria’s Secret, Adriana Lima, keeps her amazing body toned by Boxing. I don’t know about you but knowing this is very inspiring to me. It also is pretty bad ass. So on Friday I am planning on going to my first boxing class.

Questions for You

  1. Have you tried boxing?
  2. What do you do for strength training?

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(None of the photos are mine. All photos were found online.)

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