Daily Work Out

Today, Friday, October 25th, 2012, I ran a 5 mile loop on the Mount Vernon Trail. Because it is my day off, I didn’t feel obligated to wake up early and rush out the door to get a run in. So I headed out around 11:45.

The trail was gorgeous. Fall is finally here, and it seems like all the leaves have changed overnight. We are also expecting a hurricane to come through so the skies have been overcast and the air has been breezy- perfect running weather, in my opinion.

My run felt really good, averaging an easy 8.30 to 9 minute mile in my Newtons. I also am just beginning to get use to my new iPhone 5. But I brought it along with me, and was able to take some really cool photos.




October Goals

This morning I woke up to rain. Normally, I love running in the rain, but this morning the sky was gray and the rain was slow but heavy. So I decided to skip my morning run, and get a little extra shut eye. And as long as skipping a workout only occurs at irregular intervals and doesn’t become an everyday excuse, then go right ahead, take a rest day.¬†Sometimes, your body just needs it.

Anyway, yesterday, I said goodbye to September and welcomed October.  It is a new month, a new beginning. It is a perfect time to set some new goals. As you may know, I had started my journey of exploring a more forefoot/midfoot stride in April, by switching my running shoe to the Newton Distance U.

I have never had any running injuries, so when I told people, I was experimenting with the Newton shoe, and working on changing my stride, they asked, “Why? Why fix something that is not broken?” Honestly, I was just bored and wanted to try something new. I had read Born to Run, and was ready to try to work on running form.

In the beginning of September I purchased my second pair of Newton shoes, and I am now running more regularly in the Gravity. On my vacation, at Martha’s Vineyard, I finally had the opportunity to finish reading the book, Natural Running. This book made me even more sold on the idea that a more minimalist shoe is the way to go.

And then in mid September, it just clicked.  I had a break through and I started to run with a natural running stride, landing on my forefoot/midfoot.


I want to continue practicing my natural running stride by continuing to land on my forefoot/midfoot.

  • However, I really need to work on running posture. I tend to lean back when I run. So I need to work on slightly leaning forward. Leaning back when you run is a stopping/halting position. You will most likely heel strike when leaning back. It is important to slightly lean forward, because the momentum will automatically help you land on your forefoot/midfooot, and make you a faster runner.
  • Cadence.¬†Cadence is how many times your foot hits the ground per minute. It is very important to get your running Cadence around 180 or more. A Cadence of 180 helps prevent injury and increases speed. Mine is all over the place. My garmin measured mine around 100, once at 120, and then 160. But this month, I really want to work on trying to get my running Cadence around 180. It will really help improve my running.
  • I am also thinking about playing around with shoe rotation. Instead of just throwing on one pair of shoes. I want to wear the right one depending on the type of running I am doing.
  • This month, I also really want to work on strength training, whether I am boxing, lifting weights, or just doing running form exercises. Now that I am running differently I need to strengthen everything.
  • In order to fit all this in, I also want to change my sleeping habits so I can wake up earlier. I’m hoping to wake up at 6:00 am instead of 8:00 am. I love my mornings.
  • As for Attitude, I am really going to focus on me, and my running PR.

As for October plans, I really don’t have any except some upcoming races. In October, I am running the Army 10 miler, and then in December I am running the Annapolis Half Marathon.¬†Do you have any up coming races?

Have you ever completed a 30 day challenge in something? It has been a goal I have been contemplating on trying to set. ¬†I have been thinking about a …

  • 30 day running challenge
  • 30 day blogging challenge
  • 30 day sleeping challenge

I’ll let you know if I decide on one for the month of October.

Well those are my October Goals…¬†What are yours?

© 2012

Hello October

October… please be awesome! ¬†I am really excited for October! It is funny how much my mood has changed now that the weather has become cooler. ¬†I am a strong believer in the idea that, You CAN totally teach an old dog, new tricks… and people are totally capable of growth and change. Boy have things changed.

I use to love the summer, but honestly ever since I have became an adult, summer is just no longer that much fun. If you can’t skip work everyday and go to the beach or pool, then summer really has no point. Or maybe it is not that at all, maybe it is the fact that I am a runner who hates training through a summer heat wave. ¬†Well whatever the reason is, I am excited for October and for Fall time.

For those of you that are sad summer is gone. ¬†Let me tell you all the amazing things Fall has. Fall time is my favorite time to run. It is always sunny, for some reason a different type of sunny then summer sunny, the sun is brighter. The temperatures are cool, refreshing, crisp, sometimes breezy, the ideal for running. The leaves change making the running trails more colorful … or hiking trails.

I also start to crave Bikram yoga. Who wants to be cooped up in a Bikram studio in the summer when the room is as hot as outside? Doing Bikram in the summer, suffocates me. But during the cooler months I crave the desire to sweat and detox in the 105 degree room. During the cooler months Bikram relaxes and energizes me all at once.

Fall leaves, beautiful, peaceful.

Another thing that is better in the fall, are Lattes. Chai or pumpkin spice is always available, and warms you up on a cold morning. The fruits and vegetables are more substantial. They fill you up. They are your typical comfort food, feeding the soul.

Fashion is way more fun too. Time to bring out your favorite sweater or hand knitted accessories. Time to bring out your favorite boots or lounge around in your UGGS.

Reading books wrapped up in the a cozy blanket. Watching a new fall drama. Going to the movies. These are all some of my favorite things to do in the fall.

So start getting excited! Fall is finally here!

Happy October!