hello Spring

This winter disappointed me, badly. It flew by with it’s boring mild temperature days. No being snowed in, no exciting, beautiful, white outs to speak of, not even a light white blanket of dust. How ironic considering my boyfriend and I both gave each other snowboards. I did try once to race down the slopes hardly covered with so called “man-made” snow, but ice is a better word to use to describe it. It was then, that I finally accepted the fact that mother nature was not going to surprise me, by covering the mountains, with her fresh white powder. So I decided to embrace the mild temps and although, it was a bad snowboarding weather, it was actually perfect for running.

Honestly, I prefer running in cooler tempts. Maybe, it is because of where I live, but the summers here, are unpredictable and can be quite brutal, last summer, there were days that hit 105, but because of the humidity it felt like 115. Impossible to run in. Not being able to run, made me depressed and anxiety took over my body. So as you can see, I prefer to run all year, rain or shine. However, crisp sunny days, with a mild breeze, around 55 degrees, maybe 60, is ideal running weather.

Having a warmer winter made me wonder about the summer. The last two years we had extreme winters, with extreme summers. Will it be a brutally hot summer because we had a warm winter, or will it be a mild summer because it
was a mild winter? Whatever it may be, lets live in the moment, Spring is here and it has been quite lovely.

I recently heard the quote,”The Earth laughs in flowers,” by Ralph Waldo Emerson, and fell in love with these words. What a beautiful way to describe Spring. Now every time I see a tree blossom or a flower bloom I think of the Earth laughing with delight.

© 2012