At Night Running Rituals

The night before a race, my ritual is to lay out my running clothes and prepare everything for the morning.  I have never actually slept in my running clothes, but I recently heard from another runner that this is quite normal. Now I am considering this, it seems like a pretty practical idea, especially for those that are not morning people.

Do you sleep in your running clothes?

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  1. runninginnj November 9, 2012

    I like the idea, but in winter it would be a bit much here. I’m a morning person anyway, so have no problem making a quick change and getting out the door.

    • dorseyml November 9, 2012

      It is hard in the winter time, because it is so dark and cold, but I too am trying to get more morning runs in! Thanks for the comment 🙂

  2. stephenedwards425 November 11, 2012

    Naaa…what am I saving 15 – 20 seconds?…maybe on a really bad morning 30 seconds…I’d rather spend the time petting a dog along the way… 🙂

    Be encouraged!

    • dorseyml November 11, 2012

      haha… true! Thanks for the comment! 🙂