Breathe. Relax. Appreciate.

I finally found time today, around 8 pm, to sit down. This has been a nonstop busy day, week, month, year. Life, my body, started to be painful and exhausting. After so many busy days in a row I finally was able to squeeze in a night time run, since my long run on friday. Although, it was just a short, fast, easy 5k – it felt amazing. It was just what my body needed. I usually don’t run at night, but tonight I did and it was peaceful.


In the morning, I will be running a turkey trot. It is a Thanksgiving tradition for my sister and I.


I will be wearing my new socks. I can’t wait to try these out.


I am looking forward for the next three days off to just relax, breathe, appreciate.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Martha Merrill Wills November 22, 2012

    Have a fun run! Happy Thanksgiving!