Livefit. Phase 1. Day 3 & 4.

Day 3– Sunday, 1/27/13

TRAINING –¬†Yesterday was Day 3 of Phase 1 of the Livefit trainer. I had to work 10-6 at the salon, but I couldn’t wait to hit the gym right after. Why? Because Day 3 was all about targeting muscles in the Legs and Calves. Working out my lower body is my favorite area to train. I just love it – don’t ask me why- I just do.252220_494752083893099_271126486_n

Squat like your ass depends on it…¬†

and I did…

livefit legs

Before we started we ate a small clean snack and took our supplements. Then we hit the gym. The work out went really well. J and I did 3 sets of 12 for each exercise, with resting for one minute between each set. I used the app gym boss in order to keep track of my timing. I highly recommend this app. It took J and I about 1 hour to accomplish the whole work out. We ended the work out with our protein shake, BCAA, and glutamine. I juiced organic kale, celery, and pineapple. I add this juice along with a blended banana to my protein shake. This tasted amazing.  A little organic pineapple can really sweeten a drink.

NUTRITION –¬†I started my day with a clean breakfast, consisting of two hard boil eggs and greek yogurt. I am beginning to love hard boil eggs! They are a wonderful source of clean protein and they are super convenient. I pay a little more for my eggs, but paying the extra $2 is worth is because I am supporting a local farm and they are organic. I packed clean meals for the day, and I tried to eat on regular 3 hour intervals. The only thing I need to work on is drinking more water.¬†livefitwaterDay 4 – Monday, 1/28/13

TRAINING –¬†Today’s workout was focused on Shoulders and Abs. J and I did 3 sets of 12, with a minute of rest in between each set. Again it took about 1 hour to complete the full work out. We took supplements before the work out.


NUTRITION РWith in 1 hour of waking J and I ate a clean breakfast. Today we had organic local eggs on top of ezekiel bread and organic tomatoes.

livefit meals


After we were finished with our work out, we left the gym and hit up Sweet Green. I will write a post giving you more info on Sweet Green, but if¬†you haven’t been to Sweet Green, you must go asap – it is amazing. Anyway, I had a salad from there that had spinach, kale, beets, carrots, sprouts, broccoli, etc… It was a pretty good size, so I saved some for my next meal. J and I also mixed up¬†our protein shake with another green juice.



We are now done with our work outs for week 1. The next three days are rest days. So we are going to focus on…



But we need the rest more than ever. I haven’t been this sore in a while.


I’m really sore, but it feels really good… You have to be training to understand…

Can’t wait for Phase 1, Week 2, of Livefit!

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  1. Super Foodie Adventure January 29, 2013

    Very inspiring! I’ve been trying to hit the hot room and the gym a bit more, this is the inspiration I need! Thanks x

    • dorseyml January 30, 2013

      I am glad you found some inspiration! xx

  2. thedancingrunner January 29, 2013

    Nice job on the strength workout! I did a little one in my living room yesterday and struggled through it a bit but it was worth it! I love boilied eggs too!!

    • dorseyml January 30, 2013

      Thanks! Honestly, I have not been to the gym in a year. I almost canceled my membership… lol. I love running outside. I have a road bike, so I don’t spin. If I do find myself doing a workout inside – it is in a hot yoga studio. But shockingly I am really love weight training. It is good to get stronger, and switch things up!

  3. happytrigirl January 30, 2013

    awesome sauce!!! way to get after those weights!! And cheers to eating clean (say me who stole 3, ok 4 skittles from the teenager tonight … oops). Other than that tho … I’ve been trying to be good!! xo

    • dorseyml January 30, 2013

      Thanks! It has been really weird for me to get back in the gym. Since I hate the gym vibe, and much rather be running outside or sweating in a hot yoga studio. But shockingly I am really enjoying weight lifting… ūüôā