It is worth the money!

I am definitely a fashionista…

always have been…

So why would that change when I work out?

well it doesn’t…

On a normal day, I work out early-morning before I head into work. On rare days, something will come up or I may have a desire to do a double, so I head to the gym late-night. However, there was a particular day a couple months back when, I had to squeeze my sweat session in, during my break at work. On this day, my co-worker complimented me on my lululemon tank top.

She said, “Wow! You are going to work out in that… It is way to cute to sweat in.” Then when I told her I purchased the tank she so desperately desired from lululemon, she claimed lululemon was way to expensive, and she just couldn’t justify spending that much on a shirt she would be sweaty in.

Running… and why you should invest in the proper gear.

I see people all the time running in a simple t-shirt and shorts. I don’t judge. But I will tell you this, when I was a new runner I too wore a t-shirt and shorts. However, it didn’t take long for me to began to experience chafing, and blisters on my feet. I felt suffocated running in a heavy wet sweaty cotton t, and when my blisters became blood blisters, I knew something had to change. That was the day, I bought a pair of running shorts, a proper sports bra, and even running socks. And wow, what a difference.  So yes, I run in high tech running gear, made from  sweat wicking materials, and these items can be pricey, but I have never been so comfortable running, and they look cute too. 😉

One of the reasons why I love running is because it is such a simple sport. You can run in an old t-shirt and barefoot if you choose to. But for me, I’ve been there, done that, and learned that having proper running clothing/gear is worth every penny.

Although, I am a runner now, that wasn’t always the case…

Growing up, I played tennis. 

Out of all of the sports tennis is by far the most fashionable. It was when I played, and even more so now. Venus and Serena Williams are the ones to thank for this trend. They began designing their own tennis skirts and dresses. They turned heads with their bold fashion choices. They make statements with their daring looks, breaking boundaries beyond the traditional preppy white. At one point, they wore beads in their hair, and you will never not catch them wearing an array of jewelry.  Some people find this distracting. I find it FIERCE – they are fearlessly expressing themselves, while being bold, and challenging traditions, evolving the sport, while influencing others. They even influenced me.



In high school, when I played varsity tennis, I definitely embraced the fashion side of the sport. My tennis team picked out new team outfits every year. I had a collection of tennis skirts and dresses, even a tennis bag, to transport my rackets, and gear from practice to matches. You may be thinking, damn that girl was spoiled, but I played tennis everyday. 

If you are going to be playing a sport everyday, like I did with tennis, and now do with running, then it is worth it to invest in some high quality clothing and gear. Honestly, it is very important to get the proper gear for any sport you invest time in. For example, although I don’t practice Bikram yoga everyday, I still do it enough, that I have an drawer full of hot yoga shorts and tops. I also have my own mat, bag, and towel. Investing in the proper gear will make you feel more comfortable, and in the end help improve your game.

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  1. teenieyogini April 1, 2013

    I am yet to find the elusive perfect pair of Bikram shorts (that fit)!!! Everything slides right off my nonexistent butt when full of sweat! I’ve had to go change shorts in the middle of class before because the ones I was wearing got too heavy!

  2. Skye Lee April 1, 2013

    I was always not too fussed about what I wore when I ran, worked out, etc. but it’s been hard to resist lately with all the awesome bright colors in the stores and some of the cuts from Lorna Jane and Lululemon are so cute!
    Love the post and may you remain forever trendy on and off the running track 😉 x

  3. thedancingrunner April 1, 2013

    Quality gear is important! I like to mix it up and sometimes will find cute dri fit tops from TJ Maxx, but my shorts and pants are usually Nike. I am fortunate to get great quality clothes for free for volunteering as a coach at a running store so that’s also nice 🙂

  4. Bad Wabbit April 1, 2013

    Great post, I agree whether running, cycling or yoga it’s worth not just putting up with the first thing out of the draw but using the best kit for the task in hand!

    • dorseyml April 1, 2013

      Thank you! Glad you agree! Great minds think a like!

  5. 43fitness April 2, 2013

    Thank you for helping me justify my workout clothes habit! Since food is no longer on my rewards list, I’m able to have fun with the gear! I’m constantly urging the ladies at my gym about this. They are making great progress but it’s really hard to see under their baggy Ts and sweatpants.

    • dorseyml April 2, 2013

      I totally agree! People are in the gym doing awesome! And with the right gear they would exercise more efficient. They would feel more comfortable, and look amazing too, bringing them to a whole new level of confidence.

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  7. […] Normally, the trick is to dress as if it is 10 degrees warmer out. For example, if it is 40 degrees out, dress as if it is 50 degrees out. Your body will warm up once you start running. However, the bold words above say, always dress warm enough and what I mean by that is with accessories. A hat is key. You loose a lot of heat through your head so keep it covered. Also consider wearing a scarf and gloves. The best part of staying warm with accessories is that when you are to warm you can take them off. Also wear the appropriate running clothing. Instead of wearing a sweatshirt actually consider wearing a technical running jacket made specifically for winter running. This goes the same for socks, try smart wool – which will keep your feet dry and warm. Never wear cotton, always wear a sweat wicking material that will absorb moisture and keep you dry. For more information on this check out my blog post on why it is important to invest I. proper technical running gear.  […]

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