Firedaughter Clothing- tees for women who are too fabulous to wear! tees

So my last post was all about being a fashionista and the importance of having the proper gear for whatever sport you participate in. The right clothing/gear will not only improve your game, but also bring you confidence.

With that being said… I want to share with you my new favorite workout clothing company, Firedaughter Clothing.

Firedaughter Clothing is a company on etsy that makes tees for women who are too fabulous to wear tees. My favorite thing about this company is the fun, creative, motivational phrases found on each piece. Finding the perfect tee/tank, that you can totally relate to, wont take long. There is a color, size, and phrase for everyone.

One of my favorite shirts is the one that says, Eat Clean Train Dirty!

eat clean train dirty


And… here is a picture of me wearing the tank! Progress Pic. Keep in mind I just completed week 8 of the Livefit trainer. 

train dirtyAnd look at those guns… haha. Thanks to the Livefit Trainer!

Livefit trainer update…

I have always had a weak skinny arms, shoulders, upper body, which always looked out of proportion compared to my strong running legs. But thanks to the Livefit trainer, I have now developed some major strength in my upper body. I love feeling stronger and looking more toned. Tomorrow will be day 57, my first day in phase 3. I am really excited because in phase 3 there are some changes to the program. This is no longer a phase focused on building muscle, but rather one focused on burning fat! I also am going to be paying even closer attention to clean eating. In a week I will be carb cycling! Can’t wait!! I love a challenge!

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  1. Brittany April 3, 2013

    I loveeeee this shirt, and that slogan! Whoa baby look at those guns!

    • dorseyml April 3, 2013

      Yeah! They have a lot of other really awesome slogans too. There is one that say, “Hey batter, batter…” for those that like baseball. Also a ton of running shirts.

  2. Skye Lee April 3, 2013

    Ooh cute tshirts! Will be checking out the link to see if they deliver to Australia 😉

    • dorseyml April 4, 2013

      Glad you like the shirts.I hope they deliver to u!!

  3. shellydemarinis April 6, 2013

    You look awesome Meg!! great work.

    • dorseyml April 6, 2013

      Thanks! It has been hard work, but really fun!!