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Earlier this month, I ran the Cherry Blossom 10 miler. While I was browsing at the expo I came across a very bright colored tent that had the words Newton across it. I had been attending the expo for the last five years, and had never seen this tent before. Mesmerized by the bright colored tent I headed over to check out what it was all about. Turns out there is a new type of running shoe on the market called the Newton shoe, they too are brightly colored. When it comes to a running shoe, colors shouldn’t matter, but this shoe is much more than bright.

The Newton Shoe expert, Juda McGannon, explained briefly about the purpose and technology behind the shoe. Honestly, at that time, I can’t say I totally grasped the “Newton” concept, I was more engrosed with the feel of the shoe and the price.

THE FEEL: When first putting on the Newtons, they felt extremely weightless, I believe they are a third lighter then the conventional running shoe.  I noticed the breathable mesh like material that makes up the shoe. I also noticed the elevation on the bottom of the shoe, in the forefoot. This shoe felt totally different than the traditional running shoe I had been running in for the last five years. Although, it felt different the minute I put the shoe on I liked the feeling.

THE PRICE: Unfortunately, the price scared me off from purchasing a pair that day at the expo. They run around $155. I always thought my Asics that run around $125 were expensive, exspecially since I normally replace my shoes every 400-500 miles. I just didn’t want to make a random purchase when I wasn’t sure if the shoe was right for me.

Anyway, I decided on leaving the expo with Juda’s business card, rather than with a pair of shoes. And although, I felt the need to research the shoes more, I did not forget about them. Actually, Juda mentioned a running form clinic, that she was hosting the following Saturday at Pacers Arlington. I knew it was there, that I would get better understanding of the shoes and whether they would work for me.

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5K fun run…

Last Friday, I hadn’t had the chance to fit in my morning run. When I realized I was going to end up running in the evening, I decided to randomly sign up for a 5K. So let me explain… the local running shoe store in the DC area is called Pacers. They not only fit and supply runners in the area with the most updated shoes, but they get the community together by having weekly group runs, running workshops, and by putting on running events. Among these events is the Crystal Run 5K Fridays.

Since I didn’t get my run in and I live walking distance to the start of the Crystal Run 5K, I decided to go ahead and register and run. My sister was coming home from work around the same time, so she put on her running clothes, took the metro to Crystal City, and ran the race with me.

When we arrived to the start line, I was very impressed on the turn out, I never imagine it would be that crowded, but it was. They also had an area where you could get fitted for shoes and try them for the race.

Now, I have always been an endurance athlete, running longer distances for the last 5 years, and marathons, for the last three. This was my fourth certified 5K, and I felt like I was going to die the whole way. When running distance, you have plenty of miles to warm up your body, but when running a 5K you only have 3.10 miles to run (period) so there is really no time to warm up. I ended up sprinting the whole time. In the end, I feel good about my run. I am still unsure of my exact results, but according to my garmin I think I finished around 26 minutes, which isn’t my best 5K time, but not my worst. It just shows that training for longer distances has made me a runner that is comfortable on taking a couple miles to warm up, and although, while training for marathons, I have focused on endurance and consistency, I have not had the opportunity to work on speed.


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I know its springtime when the Cherry Blossoms bloom

Ever since the early 1900 when, Japan gave the Cherry Blossom trees to the United States, they bloom year after year, symbolizing life and rebirth. 

In celebration of the gift of the trees, the Nation’s Capital puts on its biggest festival. Two of my favorite parts of the festival are the Cherry Blossom 10 miler and Yoga on the National Mall.

Every year, The Cherry Blossom 10 miler is packed with about 15,000 runners, including some elite runners. It use to be first come first serve, but because of it’s popularity, it is now a lottery sign up.¬†The race starts at the Washington Monument, goes over the Memorial Bridge, loops around the Tidal Basin and finishes back on the National Mall. My favorite part of the race, is heading toward the memorial bridge. It is there, opposite¬†of us average runners, ¬†who have just started to run our race, that you can spot the elite runners sprinting towards the finish line. Seeing them, creates an amazing energy, so amazing it is indescribable. ¬†I also love running by the Tidal Basin, but it can be a hit or miss. ¬†It is a hit, because a canopy of white and pink blossoms normally hang over your head, and when they do, it is breath taking. In that moment, I want to turn off my ipod, and grab my camera. But it becomes a miss when the weather gets too warm too fast, or too cold, or windy, the delicate flowers might be destroyed, making the Tidal Basin, bare and boring.

In 2008, the Cherry Blossom 10 miler was my very first long distance race, and I have been running it every year since. In 2008, it was rainy and cold, but in the spirit of the the Cherry Blossoms, my sister and I wore bright pink shirts.  We ran it in a consistent 9:48 pace, finishing in 1:38:09. That day, after accomplishing that race, I felt different. In ways, that race defined me as a runner, because it was then that I felt I could truly call myself that.

This year was a very special year because it was the 100th year of celebration of the gift of the trees, and it was my 5th time running the Cherry Blossom 10 miler. My sister didn’t run this year, but my new running buddy, Lina, a coworker of mine, ran it for her very first 10 mile run. The friday before the race we headed to the expo, which was held at the National Building Museum, to pick up our bibs, and do a little shopping. On the Saturday, before the race, I headed to lululemon to find a fun running outfit. I know that it is usually a big no no to wear something unfamiliar the day of the race, but I actually like racing in something new. I prepared my running things the night before and headed to bed early.

I woke up at 5:30 am and then Lina and I walked to the Metro. We arrived to the start line around 6:30. It was dark and cold.

When the race began we ignored the fact that we were in different corrals, and we both squeezed in with the 9 minute pace group.  It is important to get in the proper wave because if you get stuck in the back, it will cause so much frustration trying to squeeze pass other slower runners. I usually start off a little slower to warm up and then I ease into my pace. I kept a good pace most of the race stopping a couple of the water stations to refuel. I ended up running it in, ‎1:29:26, making a new PR. Lina was not far behind me.  When we got to the finish line we got to chow down on bananas.

Lina has some bling bling on her shoe!

Although, this race was fabulous, so were the previous ones. The Cherry Blossom 10 miler is as you can see, very dear to my heart. It was my first race, one that defined me as a runner. It is not only the race that I do every year, but it also symbolizes the  starts my running season.

Below memories from previous Cherry Blossom 10 miler races.

Cherry Blossom 10 Miler 2008

Cherry Blossom 10 miler 2009

Cherry Blossom expo 2010

Cherry Blossom 10 miler 2011

Cherry Blossom 10 miler 2012

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hello Spring

This winter disappointed me, badly. It flew by with it’s boring mild temperature days. No being snowed in, no exciting, beautiful, white outs to speak of, not even a light white blanket of dust. How ironic considering my boyfriend and I both gave each other snowboards. I did try once to race down the slopes hardly covered with so called “man-made” snow, but ice is a better word to use to describe it. It was then, that I finally accepted the fact that mother nature was not going to surprise me, by covering the mountains, with her fresh white powder. So I decided to embrace the mild temps and although, it was a bad snowboarding weather, it was actually perfect for running.

Honestly, I prefer running in cooler tempts. Maybe, it is because of where I live, but the summers here, are unpredictable and can be quite brutal, last summer, there were days that hit 105, but because of the humidity it felt like 115. Impossible to run in. Not being able to run, made me depressed and anxiety took over my body. So as you can see, I prefer to run all year, rain or shine. However, crisp sunny days, with a mild breeze, around 55 degrees, maybe 60, is ideal running weather.

Having a warmer winter made me wonder about the summer. The last two years we had extreme winters, with extreme summers. Will it be a brutally hot summer because we had a warm winter, or will it be a mild summer because it
was a mild winter? Whatever it may be, lets live in the moment, Spring is here and it has been quite lovely.

I recently heard the quote,”The Earth laughs in flowers,” by Ralph Waldo Emerson, and fell in love with these words. What a beautiful way to describe Spring. Now every time I see a tree blossom or a flower bloom I think of the Earth laughing with delight.

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