8 mile runs on Monday mornings…

Now, if you are from a place, where it is seriously cold, and you are getting dumped on with snow, you are probably thinking this girl should count her blessings. But let me tell ya, I would rather have snow than rain. I would rather it be 30 degrees and sunny. I can tolerate crisp, refreshing, winter air, as long as, the sun is shining bright. ¬†With that being said…

It has been dark and dreary. Fog has formed, and a cold mist of rain has been lingering since early last week. It is totally dull, gloomy, depressing. I know it is January, but the weatherman promised the weekend would be a warm 65 degrees.

He lied.

It stayed around 50 degrees, the sun never came out, it was raining, but I still ran. I actually ran everyday…

Saturday, 1/12/13 – I ran an easy 5 mile run. It was 50 degrees, but gray and gloomy.

Sunday, 1/13/13 – ¬†I woke up early, and met L before work, for a 5.32 mile run. This one was full of “bitch” hills. It was a little warmer than 50 degrees, but again gray and gloomy.

Monday, 1/14/13 – I met up with L and ran 8.29 miles. This was the warmest of all the days, being 61 degrees. It still was gray and gloomy, with rain. This run actually felt amazing, and gave me the energy I needed for the rest of the day.

Today, Tuesday, 1/15/13 – I had my Art class in the morning, before work, so I took a rest day. It was gray, gloomy, and by the end of the day the rain was coming down hard.

You are probably wondering what is giving me my drive, to run on miserable, dull, winter days of gloom?


I am reading an amazing book called, Eat and Run, by Scott Jurek. It is inspiring me in many ways, including giving me motivation to run an eight mile run on a rain drizzle filled monday morning, like yesterday.


(photo taken from my iPhone)

“and now, running had turned into something other than training. It had turned into a kind of meditation, a place where I could let my mind… float free.”

Above is one of my favorite passages from the book, so far. Trust me, there are many more quotes to share… and although, the weather around here has been totally depressing, running in it, though it, all around it, feels good and keeps me sane.

Questions for You?

  1. What is the weather like near you?
  2. What motivates you to work out, run, eat healthy?

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Hello October

October… please be awesome! ¬†I am really excited for October! It is funny how much my mood has changed now that the weather has become cooler. ¬†I am a strong believer in the idea that, You CAN totally teach an old dog, new tricks… and people are totally capable of growth and change. Boy have things changed.

I use to love the summer, but honestly ever since I have became an adult, summer is just no longer that much fun. If you can’t skip work everyday and go to the beach or pool, then summer really has no point. Or maybe it is not that at all, maybe it is the fact that I am a runner who hates training through a summer heat wave. ¬†Well whatever the reason is, I am excited for October and for Fall time.

For those of you that are sad summer is gone. ¬†Let me tell you all the amazing things Fall has. Fall time is my favorite time to run. It is always sunny, for some reason a different type of sunny then summer sunny, the sun is brighter. The temperatures are cool, refreshing, crisp, sometimes breezy, the ideal for running. The leaves change making the running trails more colorful … or hiking trails.

I also start to crave Bikram yoga. Who wants to be cooped up in a Bikram studio in the summer when the room is as hot as outside? Doing Bikram in the summer, suffocates me. But during the cooler months I crave the desire to sweat and detox in the 105 degree room. During the cooler months Bikram relaxes and energizes me all at once.

Fall leaves, beautiful, peaceful.

Another thing that is better in the fall, are Lattes. Chai or pumpkin spice is always available, and warms you up on a cold morning. The fruits and vegetables are more substantial. They fill you up. They are your typical comfort food, feeding the soul.

Fashion is way more fun too. Time to bring out your favorite sweater or hand knitted accessories. Time to bring out your favorite boots or lounge around in your UGGS.

Reading books wrapped up in the a cozy blanket. Watching a new fall drama. Going to the movies. These are all some of my favorite things to do in the fall.

So start getting excited! Fall is finally here!

Happy October!