I’m in love with ALEX AND ANI…

I’m in love…


With the exception of wearing my Garmin when I run, I use to never wear anything on my wrists. Two years ago, I bought my first Michael Kors oversize boyfriend watch in rose gold. I loved it so much that I rarely went a day with out it (being a hairstylist this kept me on time for all of my clients.)

A couple years ago my sister became pretty obsessed with Pandora. I love the idea of wearing a charm bracelet, but never took the plunge – those Pandora charms can be really pricey.

Being introduced to ALEX AND ANI…

I was first introduced to ALEX AND ANI from E who had received it as a gift. Later, on Instagram my cousin has posted a pic of her ALEX AND ANI collection. I was really loving the way ALEX AND ANI looked, and the idea behind it as well.

The day we first met…

Back in April, while heading down to the GT waterfront, for the NWM expo, I noticed ALEX AND ANI, located on M street. I told L, that after the expo we have to take a mandatory stop at ALEX AND ANI. L wears tons of bracelets and I knew she would fall in love too.


ALEX AND ANI is a company that sells charm bracelets. However, these are different from you traditional charm bracelet. Instead of having a bracelet that you had charms to, ALEX AND ANI are bracelets that have a charm on them already. You never add more charms to the bracelet, but rather buy another whole bracelet with another different charm. The idea is to have a collection of bracelets that end up being charm bangles. They come in silver or gold. You can choose to have all silver, all gold, or a mixture of both. Each charm represents the vibe or energy you give off, and helps reveal your true identity. They have a variety of different charms, including tons of yoga inspired charms.

So below are the ALEX AND ANI I have…

Alex and Ani

Alex and Ani 2

Sometimes I wear all of them. Sometimes I switch up the order. The possibilities are endless.

This brand being from New England, now has 2 locations in the DC area. One is located on M street in GT, the other in National Harbor.

Questions fro You…

  1. What brand do you love?
  2. What accessory do you wear everyday?
  3. Do you have any ALEX AND ANI?

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Early Bird, Morning Run


Yesterday morning, Saturday, September 29th, I woke up to a text from my running buddy, Lina. The text said, “On my way.”

Oh damn, I rolled over in bed and looked at the clock, it was 6:30 am. I was late. We were suppose to be at our meeting spot at 6:30, and I was just waking up. I hurried and put on my running clothes, grabbed water, my garmin, my iPod and rushed to my car. It was still dark.

In my mind, I was thinking of how early it was, but I knew that after my run I would feel really good about doing it, I always do.

I got to our meeting spot around 6:45. The morning sky was just starting to brighten a little. Lina and I both parked and then started a slow warm up jog down Lee Highway toward the trail. Once we hit the trail we picked up the pace. With in minutes we went from running under a dark morning sky and through quiet streets to the sun rising over the Lincoln Memorial and a crowded running trail.

I must admit I really loved the morning energy. The sun rising was absolutely gorgeous. It turned the sky orange. The temperature outside was cool and crisp, it defiantly felt like fall. As for the crowded running trail, it was actually quite refreshing. I run this trail a couple days a week, and every time of day it has a different vibe. Even the different parts of the trail have a different vibe too.
Normally, the earliest I get on the trail is 8:30 am, when most people are heading into work. I come across a lot of cyclists or commuters, but this time it was all runners. Some days when I don’t make it out there early enough, the trail I totally empty. It can be quite lonely running by yourself on and empty quiet trail.

I never thought I would enjoy a crowded running trail, but I did. Normally, I run alone, or with Lina, but this time I was surrounded by a ton of runners. Some in running groups, others by themselves. Some fast, some slow. I loved the vibe, seeing all of these other runners made me totally energized. While concentrating on my form I was running stronger, faster. It was an amazing feeling, very motivating.

After we were done running. I hit up Starbucks and CVS. I just felt like refueling. I headed home, and took a shower. I felt energized and relaxed. I had the whole day ahead of me.

I have been contemplating changing my sleeping habits for a couple years now. I will admit that I have been waking up earlier then I use to. There was a time when I would sleep in until 9:00 or 10:00 am. I just have never been an early bird, but the weird thing is that I have never considered myself a night owl either. I am normally in bed by 11:00 pm. But I would like to have more time in the morning before I head into work around noon. I also would like to regularly run in the early mornings, instead of trying to squeeze it in whenever I can. I really enjoyed running early in the morning with all the other morning runners. I have to wake up early for most races so why not practice running at these early morning times everyday.

So the plan is to wake up early morning wether I run early or not. During the week, the earliest I will run is 6:30 am the latest I will run is 8:30 am. Unfortunately, the colder darker months will be here soon, so it will also depend on that. But I am excited about this new goal, and I think blogging about it will help me get on this new routine.

Questions for You

When do you run? Are you and early bird or night owl? Do you have any tips to share about waking up early? Please share, I need all the tips I can get.