Goodbye October, Hello November!

Halloween has come and went.

And, you probably feel like this right now…

halloween candyBut thats okay, because day light savings time gave us an extra hour of sleep… So now we are well rested and ready to take on November!

November is here, and I am excited. It is probably my favorite months. 

These are my top 3 reasons why I heart November and my November goals…


1.    I love November because it is so damn colorful!

On the first day of November, my husband and I left the city to spend some time in the country. The fun thing about living in the DC area is that you only have to drive 90 minutes out and you hit beautiful country roads. Virginia is also very historical! Lots of history are among these country roads.

fall leaves country roads2.   Another reason, I love November is because it is so damn tasty.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. And this November I will be doing lots of cooking. I want to come up with some fabulous new additions to our traditional Thanksgiving. So be prepared for lots of food posts.

3.   And the final reason, I love November is because it is the perfect month to run. 

I wake up every morning with a strong desire to hit the trail. There is only a short time that the leaves are this colorful and I don’t want to miss it. Plus, soon it will be really cold and I’ll have to pull out my winter running gear. So these are the last weeks where the weather will be perfect for running. Also, I must run, to counter act all of the cooking, food testing, eating, tasting I will be doing in order to find the prefect Thanksgiving addition. So I will be participating in Pile on the Miles. (More on that later.)

NYC MARATHONAlso CONGRATS to everyone who ran the NYC Marathon! You guys rocked it out!

What is your favorite thing about November? What dishes are you eating this Thanksgiving? Are you going to pile on the miles?

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Yoga: The Art of Transformation- an Art project at the Freer Sackler


Five years ago, I went to my first Bikram yoga class. There were only two Bikram yoga studios in the area, so I ended up at the Falls Church location which was a hole in the wall studio that smelled like burning incense. It was love at first sight and immediately, I became addicted to this sweltering hot sweaty form of Hatha yoga.


Since then, three more Birkam studios have recently opened in my area. And yoga is everywhere. You can even find the DC yoga community practicing on the National Mall during the Cherry Blossom Festival, every spring. I also have opened my mind to other forms of yoga – practicing inverted poses, and arm balancing poses.

Is Yoga trendy? No I don’t thinks so. Yoga’s existence is old very old, but yoginis world wide are now more than ever spreading the word, of how healing yoga is. The word is being spread in many ways, including through art.


Yesterday, my sister and I headed to the Freer Sackler Gallery, to see an art exhibit on the history of Yoga. The exhibit was called Yoga: The Art of Transformation.


The collection was made up of statues and painting borrowed from 25 different museums form India, Europe and the US. It explored the diversity, history, and how yoga evolved over time. The exhibit touched on philosophies, transformation goals, and the importance yoga has in multiple other religions. It revealed how yogis and yoginis effected society.

From the exhibit, the idea that one can find enlightenment through extremes, such as heat or freezing cold really stuck with me, because I love Bikram and other forms of hot yoga. I also liked the idea that yogis would wash themselves in water to gain purity, because it reminded me of a Christian baptism. It is interesting how much similarities are found in one religion to the next.


The world can be a negative place sometimes, full of critical people that are constantly judging. It is a human’s nature to be competitive, striving to be the best person one can be. And what I like best about yoga is how accepting the yoga community is to all people. It is not about who can do the best scorpion pose, instead it is about the process, the journey, to enlightenment. It is about the constant trying, the life long practice, to perfect each pose, and heal the body.

What does yoga mean to you?

If you are in the DC area check out the Yoga exhibit at the Sackler.

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