And let the long runs begin…


I just finished the book, The Cool Impossible. Wow, I learned a ton from this book. It is definitely on the top of my list of favorite running books, right up there with Eat and Run, and Born to Run. You should read it.

There is really great stuff in this book. The first half of the book focuses on preparing you to run physically. The last half of the book focuses on preparing you to run mentally. The advice and knowledge I obtained from the last half of the book is also something I can use in other parts of my life. Some things you learn about running and from running, you can take beyond the trail.

The above photo is a great example. Don’t let the day run you… One thing I am going to work on is better preparation for my runs and for my day.

By reading this book, I have learned that before I run a race or long training run, I do things that mentally prepare myself for the distance. These things, mantras, visualizing, and rituals are things I do and didn’t realize I was doing them. Now looking back, I am more aware of these helpful tricks for the mind. Because these have helped me find success, it may be helpful to use them in other parts of my life, including other sports.


I am a very positive person. However, the above photo reminds me so much of the book, The Cool Impossible. What I like most, is that the author Eric Orton, says negative thoughts are not a bad thing. Negative thoughts are a normal thing. However, become aware of your negative thoughts, identify them, and realize they are just thoughts, NOT truths.

Update on my Running

I ran the day, the day did not run me. This weekend my long runs began. I love running my first long run of the season.


All winter, I have been lifting weights and running shorter faster runs. It felt good to get out there and run far. I ran a 10 miler, to help my sister prepare for her half marathon coming up in April. As for me, I have two 10 mile races coming up the first two weekends in April.

On this 10 mile training run, I wore my new Newton Gravity. It has 5 lugs instead of 4, which makes it feel like the toe box is wider.

My sister and I ran MVT over the 14th Street bridge and then to Hains Point.


Have your long runs started yet? What are some mental tricks you use that helps you find success during running?

And this is why I love fall time…

The other day, I did a short post on Washington, DC: Rave Run worthy. In the post there was a photo of Washington, DC durning the peak of Cherry Blossom season. It was a pretty photo I found on tumblr. Well yesterday, I went running again on the MVT and I had to stop to take some photos, it was that gorgeous.

Although, DC, is pretty during the spring, nothing beats the Fall time here.

And this is why…


The Potomac shines from the sun.

I feel like I am bragging, but I can’t help it. I live in a city, but I get to run by this everyday!


SUMMERY from my Garmin

Distance: 3.03

Time: 27:48

Average Pace: 9:11 min/mi

Best Pace: 8:19 min/mi

Calories: 245 C

Run Cadence: 93

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Washington, DC: RAVE RUN worthy!


I love that my home is RAVE RUN worthy. I probably have run this area along the potomac a million times. If you were ever wondering what it would be like to run the Cherry Blossom 10 miler, this is what it looks like.

Questions for You

  1. Is your home town/city RAVE RUN worthy?
  2. Where is the prettiest place you have ever run?

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* photo found on tumblr.


Election Night in Washington, DC

At 11:30 last night, when I heard the Presidential results, I was with my mom watching the election coverage on her TV. It was really cute, because secretly my mom is a political junkie, and she was cheering at the TV like it was a football game. And although, this was great fun to me, others found different ways to celebrate.  Below are some photos that my friend took.

Party at the White House!

Party at the White House!

And it is times like these, that I appreciate my home, Washington, DC. The streets were full of patriotism and passion.¬†¬†No other city has the opportunity to start a celebration out front of the White House, on Election Night. Washington, DC, can… and … did!


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Never Forget 9/11

Today is September, 11th. As an American it is impossible to go though out the day with out constant memories, of 9/11/01. I woke up remembering where I was that morning. I have mentally said several¬†unconscious¬†prayers to those who were victims, for those who lost their lives, that violent day. Our country could have fallen into Chaos, but we didn’t, we stayed strong. Under the horrible circumstances, we came together and found order. I¬†feel thankful, thankful for all those that have served our country. And grateful, and proud, extremely proud to be an American.

What is happening in DC

Today, my home, DC is under high security watch. There is traffic everywhere. The exit to the Pentagon is closed. No one can access it. But I still ran. Here are some pictures from one of my favorite running routes.

Washington Monument on the left. Exit to the Pentagon in the middle. Capitol on the right.

Air Force Memorial

Air Force Memorial

Night Shot of the Capitol

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