Body Butter recipe: prevent stretch marks, relieve dehydrated skin

February is over – Thank God! This winter has been brutal for the East Coast. New Englander’s got slammed with white out conditions, one blizzard after the next. As for my home,¬†Washington, DC,¬†¬†we haven’t had it nearly as bad as up north. But there also hasn’t been a February this cold since the 1970s, and some temperatures were record breaking.

Last week, we had an ice storm followed by a snow storm. Thumbs up to all of the runners out there training for Boston and other spring marathons. I don’t know how you do it, training in the slippery dark winter conditions. However, on a brighter note, I am very excited to say, March is here. Day light savings time has come, the sun is shining and almost all of the snow is melted. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, the arrival of Spring.

In the mean time, I am still trying to tolerate the cold, and what it has done to my skin. With such cold winter conditions,¬†it is no surprise that my skin has becomes dry, dehydrated, and chapped. This year has been more extreme than ever, and nothing seems to relieve it. Trust me, I’ve tried lotion after lotion.

I have recently become obsessed with Coconut Oil. But while on the search for an amazing lotion to use, this winter, I have had a difficult time finding one containing the main ingredient, Coconut Oil. I also have been very sensitive to smell, so the ones I did find, ended up smelling to strong, and not having enough Coconut Oil.

So after some research, I have decided to stop the never ending hunt for the perfect lotion, and instead make my own body butter. By making my own, I am able to really customize it to my needs.

Some needs¬†that are important to me…

  1. High quality ingredients. Organic and raw ingredients. When purchasing a lotion or body butter, you never know how high the quality the ingredients used are. Just like in food, ingredients used in beauty products that are processed or low quality, do not have the same health benefits as those that are organic and raw. When making your own product, you have complete control in which ingredients you choose to put in your recipe. I chose raw for my butters, and organic cold pressed for my oils.
  2. The amount of ingredients found in the product.¬†¬†When purchasing a lotion or body butter, you never know the exact amounts of each ingredient. It may say it has coconut oil in it, but it may only contain a tiny amount. Many lotions are mostly made with water. Also some may have other fillers and¬†preservatives. When making your own product, you have complete control in the amounts of each ingredient.¬†I didn’t put any water, preservative or fillers in my body butter.¬†I wanted coconut oil to be one of the main ingredients so it is.
  3. Texture. When purchasing a lotion or body butter, you have no control over the texture. This drives me crazy! The two coconut lotions I tried were really liquid like in texture. I felt they were too light. Some body butters I used were to greasy, while others were to waxy. I just wanted a really creamy, rich, whipped texture. When I made my own I was finally able to achieve that.
  4. Smell. ¬†I am very sensitive to smell. I tried a lavender coconut lotion that at first I loved the smell, but then I got really sick of it. I also tried a lotion that smelled like coconut. ¬†At first I loved it, because it reminded me of the beach, but it didn’t take long, soon I was over it. When making your own body butter, you can control the smell. Either, keep it natural with the fragrance that comes from the ingredients used, or you can add any fragrance you want, by adding an essential oil.¬†I kept mine natural, so it smells like coconut and chocolate.
  5. Quantity.  You can make as much or as little as you wish, but keep in mind that an organic product only lasts one year or 18 months if refrigerated.

Body Butter

A client of mine gave me some homemade beauty products this Christmas, made with a focus of essential oils. And although I loved them, it wasn’t until I started reading Alicia Silverstone’s¬†book,¬†Kind Mama¬†that I got the urge to make my own. In this book, Silverstone, has a recipe for a homemade oil, and a homemade body butter. These recipes help keep a mother-to-be’s skin hydrated, and prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

How to make the Body Butter…¬†

body butter

Ingredients and Health Benefits


  • Raw Shea Butter:¬†Shea butter comes from a nut from the shea tree found in Africa.¬†It is extremely hydrating and has inflammatory properties. It is usually a whitish color and has a very mild smell.¬†Always¬†use raw like I did in this recipe because while in the raw state it contains vitamins A and E along with other minerals.¬†In this recipe use¬†1/2 cup of raw shea butter.shea butter
  • Raw Cocoa Butter:¬†Cocoa butter is from the cacao bean. When found in the raw state, cocoa butter is a tan color, that smells like chocolate. ¬†Also when used in the raw state, cocoa butter is high in antioxidants that fight off free radicals, making it an anti-ager. It is extremely hydrating, moisturizing even the most severe dry skin. But ultimately, it is best known as the ultimate¬†Stretch Mark Reducer¬†and that is¬†why I used it in this formula of body butter. There are no guarantees, but the secret has spread by moms and moms to be, to liberally rub cocoa butter products all over your growing belly, to prevent or reduce stretch marks. So if you are expecting cocoa butter is a must ingredient to include in your homemade body butter, or one to look for in your belly balm of choice.¬†In this recipe use a 1/2 cup of raw cocoa butter.Cocoa butter
  • Organic Coconut Oil:¬†Coconut oil has been used for many years in Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand. It has recently become trendy here in the USA. It is a clear white wax consistency, that has a mild coconut smell. It has amazing healing properties. However,¬†when it comes to including it in skin care products it is best know for being a great moisturizer with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.¬†In this recipe use a 1/2 cup of organic coconut oil.coconut oil
  • Organic Jojoba Oil:¬†Jojoba (pronounced ho-hoba) comes from the seed of the jojoba plant found in south west USA. It has many vitamins and minerals essential for healthy skin and hair. Jojoba similar to the others above is a moisturizing, anti fungal, stretch mark reducer, anti inflammatory, and has many other healing properties including unclogging hair follicles to promote more hair growth. Although, it does it all, the most unique property about jojoba oil is how gentle it is for sensitive skin. It is a yellow oil, that has a mild smell. ¬†Please read labels on the back of the bottle to ensure it is pure jojoba oil and not mixed with any other oils. ¬†In this recipe use 1/4 cup of Jojoba oil.
  • Vitamin E Oil:¬†Vitamin E oil is best known for its healing properties. It can heal scars, stretch marks and sunburn etc.¬†Warming:¬†I don’t have a bad reaction to Vitamin E oil, however some do. It is strong and can cause irritation, If you experience irritation do not add vitamin e oil to your body butter. If you do not experience irritation, in this recipe use 1/8 a cup of Vitamin E Oil.¬†


This body butter recipe is vegetarian/vegan and raw/organic.

  1. Heat all solids, (1/2 cup raw shea butter, 1/2 cup raw cocoa butter, 1/2 cup coconut oils,) in a water bath. A water bath is used to slowly melt the ingredients with out altering their integrity. To achieve this, you will place all ingredients in a bowl. Place the bowl over a pot of boiling water. Let the steam from the boiling water heat the bowl, which melts the ingredients.
  2. Once ingredients are heated, set out to cool. Once cooled to room temperature place in refrigerator and let cool for 1 hour, until ingredients turn into a soft solid.
  3. After cooling process, remove from refrigerator, and add oils (1/4 cup jojoba, 1/8 cup of vitamin E oil,) to the bowl.
  4. Once oils are added, use electric mixer to combine all ingredients. Use electric mixer until desired whipped texture is achieved. This doesn’t take long, with in minutes the recipe will almost look like a whipped frosting or whipped cream consistency. This is what you want. It smells amazing and becomes a rich, whipped, creamy, soft, body butter.¬†whipped


There are lots of great body butters and belly balms out there, but by making your own, you have complete control over what ingredients you use and how much of each ingredient you use.

Other body butter and belly balms that I love.

x354 I have yet to try this one, but I have heard it is very good. And it looks like it is made from the same ingredients I used minus the vitamin E oil.

StorQ belly Balm


I have this, and love it! It is a very small amount, but perfect to put in your purse and so you can reapply through out the day.

Have you ever made your own body butter? What is your favorite ingredient found in skin care products?

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The MUST HAVE hair Product for Athletes

As a hair stylist I tell my clients that they should not be shampooing their hair everyday. Some agree with me, while others sit there pondering the idea, followed by tons of comments and questions. I hear most often…

My hair gets so greasy, so I have to shampoo everyday.

But I work out everyday, and get super sweaty…

But you are a runner… Don’t you shampoo after your daily runs?

Do you shampoo after Bikam yoga?”

The answer is simple…

No I don’t shampoo after every workout, run, hot yoga class, etc…

To much shampooing strips the scalp of it’s natural oil, and dries out it’s ends. Natural oils are suppose to be on your scalp, so when they are continuously washed away, your scalp naturally produces more. Also, when you scrub your scalp daily, you are stimulating the sebaceous glands¬†on the scalp causing them to produce even more oil than necessary. The result is a head full of oily hair, and dry ends. (Side note: The result above can be worse, depending on shampoo brand and type. So please seek professional advice for daily hair care regiment.)

I know it sounds scary to stop washing your hair everyday, but it will do your hair some good. Changing up your routine is hard, and it may take some time for your hair/scalp to get use to skipping daily shampooing, but trust me it will adjust.

The key to not shampooing daily is using DRY SHAMPOO.

As a runner Dry Shampoo has become my best friend, I have even used it after Bikram yoga.

Dry Shampoo:¬†¬†is a product that absorbs oil from hair, and refreshes hair on days you don’t shampoo. It comes in a powder or powder spay form.

Wondering how to apply Dry Shampoo? It is NOT hard at all…

Watch this quick Dry Shampoo Tutorial I have made and follow the steps below…

Note: On days I don’t shampoo my hair, I actually don’t wet my hair in the shower. So keep in mind, when applying Dry Shampoo, hair must be DRY, not wet from a shower.


  1. Begin by taking medium sections and spray dry shampoo at the root, section size will depend on how much hair you have.
  2. Leave the section and move on to the next section. This allows the previous sprayed section to dry and absorb oil.
  3. Move down to the side of the head spraying up and down.
  4. Continue to crown of head and nape if necessary.
  5. Go back through using hands to blend product in until it becomes invisible.

If you have dark hair and you are concerned the dry shampoo will make you hair white. Don’t worry, as shown in the video, the dry shampoo that appears white when blended correctly will dry invisible. Also remember for longer lasting hair only focus on oil areas.

Besides absorbing oil, dry shampoo can also give lots of volume on days when hair goes flat. This holiday season, try using dry shampoo to add volume to your holiday up do. 


Dry Shampoo 2I hope this helps. Now stop washing you hair daily, and start using Dry Shampoo. Dry Shampoo  should be in everyones gym bag!

What’s you favorite Dry Shampoo? Leave a comment below, for your chance to win one of the Dry Shampoos above.

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Alert: Fall Hair Trend

When you are not running on the trail or lifting in the weight room, even fit girls need their hair to look good.

And because I am both a fit girl and hair stylist today I am going to reveal to you the latest fall hair trend.

When a new season approaches every client who sits in my chair asks, “What’s trendy? What’s new?”

This season everyone is getting their hair chopped. The long locks that were once “ombr√©” or beautifully sun-kissed are now dry and parched – they’ve gotta go.

Celebrities such as Emma Stone …


and… Kaley Cuoco have taken the plunge.


(Kaley, however has gone shorter since… But her textured bob Is my favorite on her.)

It seems like every client is asking for this look.


So I got a fresh new look too…

For a while now I have been growing my hair. I also have been some sort of red.

Summer is over and Fall is beginning. So I decided it was time for a change.

Goodbye long hair.


Goodbye red ginger.


Hello short blonde hair…






Hair color: Wella
Hair product: Sebastian Texture Maker

What do you think of my new hair? Do you like this new trend?

my first HAIR FACT FRIDAY post.

HAIR FACT: Your fashion magazine is lying to you…

sooo many lies… that I can’t stand to read them anymore.

The other day, my co-worker and I started talking about how much false information is exposed in the pages of some of the most popular highly respected, fashion magazines.

In one of them, there was an article about how one can cut costs on a hair cut. They advised the reader to go to a more expensive senior stylist to get the hair cut of their dreams. But then to save money, go to a cheaper junior stylist, and tell them to just trim following the lines of the cut they already had.

Let me tell you why this does not work. 

First of all let me make this very clear, we are talking about HAIR SALONS, not barber shops, hair cuttery, super clips or anything like that.

So lets get started…

You may be asking what is a senior stylist? A senior stylist is one that has been in the hair industry for a very long time. A senior stylist has years and years of experience, some 30 years or longer.

A junior stylist may be younger and definitely does not have as many years of experience as a senior, but many younger stylists are eager to travel to hair shows and classes. They are the ones that are always determined to know what’s new and hot, always trying to keep up with the trends.

Both are great, professionals!

So back to the magazine article…

If you go to one stylist to get your first hair cut and then go to another stylist to just follow the original cut, it is insulting and impossible. It is insulting because everyone cuts differently, whether it is a senior stylist or a junior stylist, we all have our own creative touch, so please don’t tell us to cut like someone else. Also, we don’t all use the same brand of tools, or products, which is also a major factor.

Also if you have waited more than 4 weeks to get a hair cut it is almost impossible to see what your previous cut is. Hair grows differently depending on your natural hair patterns and hair-line. Also hair is different depending on the seasons. One hair cut that worked amazing for you, in the summer humidity, may not look the same in the dry winter, especially for those that have curls. Another thing to consider is breakage Рcertain parts of your hair may not grow as fast or may not grow at all, because of breakage. Another factor, to consider is your hair goes through changes, hormones, new medications , etc. can change hair. Your hair may have been at a different state when you got your previous hair cut.  So as you can see, it is not as simple as the fashion magazine claims it to be.

My advice to you is to find a hair stylist you love, who can give your your dream hair cut in any season, and stay loyal to her. The better your stylist knows you, the easier it is for her to cut and color your hair. The more your stylist sees you, the more familiar she becomes with your hair and life style. The more you see your stylist the easier it is to speak the same language. The longer you see your stylist the more life changes she gets to experience with you… weddings, baby, etc. When life changes, hair changes.

When it comes to fashion magazines, hair stylists are not writing articles on hair, ¬†journalists are… and when it comes to advising you on products to purchase, they are just advertising for the products that pay them to- so when in doubt ask your hair stylist.

Bottom line, for your best hair days, stay loyal to your hair stylist and use fashion magazines to seek inspiration not information.

Stay loyal to your hair stylist and ¬†I promise you…


To all my very loyal clients. Thank You!

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Hair Fact Friday!

As you all may know, besides being a clean eating, marathon running, fitness addict, I am also a licensed hair stylist by profession.

I have always had the desire to write about hair. But I have avoided the idea because I wanted to keep my blog strictly about nutrition and fitness. And although this blog will be mostly about running, nutrition, and fitness. I can’t fight the urge any longer. I am beyond annoyed, I am fed up. I have to share my hair knowledge with you, because there is way too much false info out there.

I love you, and you more than anyone deserve to know the truth. So for now on I will be writing one hair post a week, on this blog, to expose hair lies and clear up any confusion you may have about your hair. My hair posts will be uploaded on Friday, and it will be called Hair Fact Friday!

I hope you enjoy these Hair Fact Friday posts… and feel free to personally e-mail me at if you have any hair questions you would like me to address on the blog or comment below.

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BB Cream vs. Tinted Moisturizer

Warning: This has nothing to do with running, lifting, yoga, or eating clean. So if you stopped by to read about any of these things, I apologize.

So let me tell you a story…

Several months ago, I witnessed my co-worker applying her make up in the back room, before she started her work day. This co-worker of mine is a beautiful mixed Korean American. She began her make up routine, by quickly smearing a mixture on her face. At the time, I though it was her foundation. This mixture was extremely white, I even remember commenting to her that I thought it was too light for her skin tone. She told me – nope, it appears white but then oxidizes to match her true skin tone. She told me her mother got it for her from Korea, and that it isn’t a foundation, but rather a multitasking skin corrector. Little did I know, that at the time, she was showing me a BB Cream from Korea.

s870337-main-heroFor about a decade now I have been using Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer. I absolutely love this product. I have tried others and nothing compares. However, lately everyone is talking about BB Cream. So I did my research, then took the plunge and decided to try it too.

So what is a BB Cream exactly? A BB Cream stands for Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm. It is the product that does it all. It has your coverage, your concealer all in one. It has anti aging properties. It has SPF sun protection. It has your moisturizer, your skin corrector, your make up primer. This product corrects and gives you coverage while healing your skin.

250px-Bb_cream_original_from_1960sHow did BB Creams come about? BB Creams were originally created in the 1960s by dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek. She needed a product lighter than a foundation, that would heal the skin after treatments, but would also give coverage to her patients who desired flawless skin.

Because¬†porcelain skin is heavily desired, in 1985,¬†BB Creams became the “must have” product in South Korea and Japan. They also are known to have skin whitening properties, and come in one universal shade because¬†most formulas are designed to oxidize to match the user’s skin tone.

Finally in 2012, BB Creams were introduced to the West. Now most cosmetic lines carry a BB Cream. However, the Western brands that have launched BB Creams are being criticized for creating BB Creams that lack skin-caring benefits. Some say because of this, these BB Creams are no different than a Tinted Moisturizer.

s1463231-main-heroI researched a couple different brands. The Dr. Jart brand is one of the most popular BB Cream brands used across Asia and is also available at Sephora. However, I ended up going with Bobbi Brown’s BB Cream. I chose this one to try first, but eventually I plan on trying the Dr. Jart brand as well. What interests me to try Dr Jart’s BB Creams is because they are formulated with out¬†– Sulfates,¬†Synthetic Fragrances,¬†Synthetic Dyes,¬†Petrochemicals,¬†Phthalates,¬†GMOs, and triclosan.

The reason why I chose Bobbi Brown’s BB Cream is because I have always liked s1458496-main-heroBobbi Brown, and I currently use her powder and her bronzer. I also like the fact that her BB Cream¬†formula has…

  • Water-attracting molecules to boost hydration.
  • Light-reflective pearls to brighten dull skin.
  • Botanical extracts and caffeine to reduce discoloration and redness.
  • Pore-refining peptides such as Argireline Peptide to minimize fine lines and fight wrinkles.
  • Broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection with SPF 35 and antioxidants to fend off future damage. (source:

The Bobbi Brown BB Cream vs. Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer

Both product are equally amazing, and although some may claim that a BB Cream is just another variety of a tinted moisturizer, I disagree. A BB Cream has more skin healing properties, and more coverage compared to a tinted moisturizer.

The Bobbi Brown BB Cream definitely has more coverage while Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer goes on more sheer, translucent. The Bobbi Brown BB Cream has more of a matte finish while the Laura Mercier’s ¬†Tinted Moisturizer has more of a dewy finish. I finish the Bobbi Brown BB Cream with a layer of powder and powder bronzer. When using the Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer I normally cocktail a liquid bronzer with it, for more of a sun-kissed look. Bobbi Brown BB Cream has a higher SPF.

What Laura says…

‚ÄúI created this product because I wanted to give skin a fresh, healthy, no-makeup look with a soft hint of color that evens and enhances without hiding the skin.‚ÄĚ‚ÄĒLaura Mercier

What Bobbi says…DownloadedFile-2


So in the end, I like both products. They are just different, and I use one or the other depending on which look I am going for. I will admit, I am very happy with my BB Cream and super glad I took the plunge to try it! You should too…

TIP: You can make your own BB Cream! Check it out this You Tube video!

Questions for You…

  1. Have you tried a BB Cream?
  2. What is your favorite brand of BB Cream?
  3. Have you ever tried to make your own BB Cream?

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It is a Beautiful Day!


“Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up, it knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the lion or a gazelle-when the sun comes up, you’d better be running.‚ÄĚ

‚Äē Christopher McDougall, Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen

This morning I woke up, and it was still dark. I grabbed my iPod, Garmin, and put my Newtons on my feet, and met up with L, at our spot. We hit the trail, it wasn’t dark long. Soon enough the sky turned orange, and the sun began to hover over the DC monuments. It is times like those that I am thankful I woke up early. I mean, no extra few minutes of sleep is worth more than seeing the beauty of the sun rise.

The running trail had such a peaceful energy, practically empty. I guess most of the runners decided to sleep in, considering it was day light savings and temps will get as high as 60 degrees this afternoon. Although, it was a chilly 40 degrees this morning, I felt amazing while running, and for the rest of the day.

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Lets talk about hair, baby…

I know this is my fitness blog, but I am a professional hair stylist and wanted to give you all some advice. You are trying your hardest to be happy and healthy, your hair deserves that too. So this year upgrade your hot tools… It will change your life… I promise.¬†


Ok everybody, lets talk about power tools!

The most common questions I get from my clients is, ‚ÄúHow does a professional dryer differ from a generic brand dryer? ‚ÄúIs a professional dryer really better?‚ÄĚ

Yes and Yes and here is why…

Most professional hair dryers are tourmaline, ceramic, and ionic.

Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone, that when infused into a hair dryer emits maximum levels of ions and infrared heat for efficient drying. Most hair dryers that are tourmaline are also ultra light weight.

Ceramic heats up the hair from the inside out. It also distributes heat evenly, and regulates temperature. It helps prevent bacteria growth, resulting in a healthy scalp. All of this creates longer-lasting healthier hair results. Also a ceramic coil in a hair dryer is stronger than one that is not ceramic. Stronger materials make for a longer hair dryer life.

Ionic hair dryers breaks down positive ions on wet hair, by distributing negative ions, pushing water molecules deep into the hair shaft.  This rehydrates and reconditions hair with each use, while smoothing the hair cuticle. Also helps prevent static.

Most professional hair dryers, dry the hair fast, in half the time.

During my career as a hair stylist I have used several blow dryers. My top favorites are T3, Salono, Twin Turbo, and now Taiff!

And this is why…

Lets start with the T3 Featherweight Professional Dryer, because I have tons to say about it. This dryer has won awards, four times in Allure magazine, two times in InStyle magazine. It claims to be healthier then air drying your hair. It is tourmaline. It is ceramic. It is ionic.

But besides all those, my favorite things about this dryer is how quiet it is, the controllable air flow, and how totally weightless it is.

For the Hair stylist: When using this dryer in the salon it is quiet, to the point, that you can continue your conversation with your client. For the Client: When getting ready early in the morning for work you will not wake up anyone else sleeping in your home, it is that quiet.

For the Hairstylist: The controllable air flow is good for new stylists on the floor, but for someone like me who has been doing hair for six years, I actually prefer a more powerful air flow. For the Client: The controllable air flow is perfect for the client. I hear a lot of my clients say they can’t round brush blow dry their hair because they aren’t coordinated enough. Well the controllable air flow helps keep things organized and makes round brush blow drying an easier task.

For the Hair Stylist: This dryer is as light as a can of diet coke. You won’t feel tired after a long booked busy day. For the Client: Light weight dryer is great for travel.

In the end, I loved this dryer for my own personal use at home. When it came to using it in the salon on clients, it just didn’t cut. When I straighten curly, frizzy, poof ball hair I do not want to pull out my flat iron. This dryer was not powerful enough, and definitely was not fast enough.  Also they tend to break. I took really good care of both of my dryers but they still just gave out. My first one broke with in a year and my second one broke with in two years.

The SOLANO is known for power.  This is the hair dryer that I have been using in the salon for the last two years. I just retired it and brought it home for at home personal use. This dryer is 1875 watts, ceramic, and tourmaline. Compared to the T3 this dryer is much more powerful. Dries hair faster, and hair looks much more smoother and shinier. However, it is loud, and so heavy, that after a long day of clients, my arms feel numb and tired.

The TWINTURBO is the most popular dryer. Right now everyone has this one at my salon. It is an Italian hair dryer, that is 2100 watts, ceramic, and ionic. I have never used a dryer that is so powerful. Buy the green one, it is eco friendly.

The TAIFF Fox Ion TC is my new blow dryer, which is in the picture above. I received this blow dryer after my Sebastian hair training out in LA. I can’t tell you enough how excited I am about this dryer, there is nothing negative to say about it. It is very quiet. It is very light weight. It is very compact and is very fast drying. It has a powerful 2000w engine. It is ionic. It has tourmaline technology and a ceramic grid. I have never seen hair dry so fast. I have never seen curly, poof ball, frizz hair dry so smooth, so straight. When using this drier my clients have amazing shine, and their hair looks like they have received a Brazilian Keratin Treatment.

Please check out the TAIFF TECHNOLOGY.

I hope that answers your questions about hair dryers. Now let me hear from you… which hair dryer do you like best??

Oh and BTW… Thank you Sebastian Professional for such a wonderful gift. I love my new TAIFF FOX ION TC!


Did you know¬†I do some serious hair…

Questions for You…

  1. What is your favorite hair dryer?
  2. What is your favorite “must have” hot tool/hair tool?

Feel free to ask me hair questions at anytime!

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Pay it Forward…

I once saw a woman in Starbucks that must have done cross fit or something. She had an amazingly fit body, that obviously she worked really hard on. I automatically went over to her and said, “WOW! ¬†You look like you could be a fitness model.” Her face lit up with the biggest smile I had ever seen. She thanked me, and said, “You just made my day!”¬†

Complimenting people is beyond a nice gesture, and it is important to do. A simple compliment can strengthen any relationship. It shows you  care and have noticed the little things.

Being a hair stylist, I compliment people everyday. I help change the way people physically look. By doing this I help my clients express themselves. I  help them reveal their true identity. I help them change the way they see themselves, bringing them confidence.

Questions for You:

  • Have you complimented anyone today?
  • Have you ever received a really amazing compliment?


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Peace and Beauty after the Storm


When I left MA it was storming, but I knew you were in a better place, because then the sky suddenly lit up with color, making it peaceful. Thank you for showing me beauty, honesty, sweetness, strength, bravery, courage. You will forever have immortality, because you are a part of me and all of those who love you.


love, Meg